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Remembering Leith Mullings (1945-2020)

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Leith Mullings was a revolutionary socialist and Black feminist anthropologist whose contributions to the Black freedom struggle will radiate long after her passing.

At last year's National Gathering, Siân and I gave an update on a project initiated at the 2019 BOLD gathering documenting lessons from the Black Radical Congress (BRC). When Leith Mullings joined the ancestors in December, we reflected on the generous interview we had with her for the project and decided to honor her incredible life and work with a piece entitled 'Remembering Leith Mullings (1945-2020)' which is published in the Global African Worker:

Leith Mullings presente!

Photo Caption: Leith Mullings, CUNY scholar, talks about Black migration from the Caribbean and Africa, its impact on Harlem and Malcolm X's radical internationalism.

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