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  • Aaron Jamal


What does it mean to be BLACKUNBOUND?


We live in urgent times.

Black people and those who love us struggle to make sense of a world that seems increasingly meaningless, and the everyday catastrophes of post-modern life seem only to add fuel to the ongoing fire of nihilism.

In spite of this, (or perhaps because of this!) we have to be willing to muster the audacity to struggle for the kind of future for which our ancestors prayed. For me, that is what it means to be BLACKUNBOUND; it is to realize the monstrosity of the times and still have the courage to fight for a world fundamentally over and beyond the one in which we reside.

Each week, I will share thoughts and words which I hope will teach, challenge, inspire and ultimately help transform every reader. I will reflect on love, history, mass politics, philosophy, art, culture, faith, my life and everything in between.

My aim is to help realize the freedom dreams of Black people and those who love us. I pray that this site is a contribution towards that end.

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